Alnarp Castle.

Sweden - Castles Used As Private Residences

A number of former castles in Sweden are currently privately owned. The following are some of the listed castles classed as private residences.

•Almnäs Castle was completely built in 1776 after three years of construction by a general. This privately owned castle is situated in south-western Sweden, 5km south of a town called Hjo. This castle has been owned by a number of families, including a first speaker of the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) and by a baroness.

•Svenstorp Castle is situated in Lund Municipality, in the region of Scania (southern part of the country). This castle was built in 1596, by a lady-in-waiting with great power to King Christian IV (a Danish king). The Gyllenkrok family have owned Svenstorp Castle since 1723 and to this day living relatives of that line of family still own the castle.
•Alnarp Castle is situated, 10km north of the city of Malmö, in the Lomm Municipality in the eastern part of Sweden in the region of Scania. The original castle built on this site dates back to the 12th century. The current structure was built in the French Renaissance style in 1862. Some of the earliest owners of the castle were noblemen. In the whole of Sweden, the park that is on the property of Alnarp Castle has the second highest variety of tress. This park is accessible to the public throughout the year. The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences uses the castle for offices and meeting rooms.

Marsvinsholm Castle.

•Sövdeborg Castle is situated in Sjöbo Municipality, within the region of Scania, in southern Sweden. The original building began in 1597. Then in the year of 1840 it is recorded as having been restored. This is one castle among about 25 castles in the county of Skåne, which contains about 200 castles, that permits the public access as visitors.
•Rydboholm Castle is situated near a village in Österåker Municipality within Stockholm County. The main building was constructed in 1548 and it has an open courtyard. Later in the 18th century it underwent further reconstruction. There are some claims that Gustav I of Sweden (a king of Sweden from 1523) was born in this castle. It is currently owned privately.
•Marsvinsholm Castle is located in Ystad Municipality, in southern Sweden. By the beginning of the 12th century there are references to the estate at this site of the castle. By 1648, after four years of construction, the castle was complete. Originally the castle was built on poles in a lake. From 1782 to 1786 there was a complete renovation of Marsvinsholm Castle. This castle has been owned by a variety of different families over the years.
•Maltesholm Castle is also considered to be a large manor house in the municipality of Kristianstad, in southern Sweden. From 1635 to 1638 the brick building was constructed. The style was one of a Renaissance manor consisting of three floors. There are not many remains of its former Renaissance style except for the moat. The castle is currently owned privately yet the garden is accessible to the public. In the garden there is a tall 35 meter douglas fir tree, aged at over a hundred years.