Häckeberga Castle.

Sweden - Castles Used As Hotels

Some castles have been transformed into hotels in Sweden and offer the public a chance to book into an original castle building. Throughout the country side of Sweden there are a variety of stately hotel castles positioned near lakes, rivers, parklands and golf courses.
To spend nights and days in these hotels is considered viable at reasonable prices. In addition the hotels often offer special packages, reduced fees over weekends and during the summer season. As with all the reputable hotels in this country, the food and service is considered to be of high quality.


•Haga Castle is situated on the shore of the Mälaren Lake in Uppsala County. A Swedish noble was the first recorded owner of the property and he built a stone building. Soon a medieval style castle was in place with irregular towers and wings up until the 1660s and by 1670 the castle was built to completion. Then 1894, Haga Castle was sold and then resold again in 1912. For a time the castle was used as a summer home and later from the early 1940s to 1962 it was the site of a mental hospital. From 1990 to the present time, this castle is used as a hotel and conference centre.
•Häckeberga Castle was built in the 14th century, situated in the Lund Municipality in the southern region of the country in Scania. It is presently the site of a hotel and restaurant.

Näsby Castle, Täby - Stockholm.

•Gränsö Castle had only a wooden hall in 1807 and was extended many times during the 19th century. This castle is situated in the city of Västervik, on the east coast in the county of Kalmar. In 1993 a fire destroyed the whole building after extensive renovations the year before. It took four months to rebuild the castle in 1994. It is classed as a hotel as it is a privately owned resort. Various activities are held on the gardens of Gränsö Castle, such as festivals and concerts.
•Hässelby Castle situated in Hässelby gård (the west section of Stockholm Municipality). This castle was built in the 1640s and owned by a noble family until 1931. It has since been classed as a hotel and used to host weddings, conferences and parties.
•Näsby Castle this castle situated north of Stockholm was built in the 1660s. After a fire destroyed the building in 1897, it was rebuilt in the same style. Näsby Castle is currently classed as a hotel.
•Örenäs Castle is in Landskrona Municipality, on the west coast in the southern parts of the country known as Scania. This castle has claim to fame as the youngest castle in Sweden and its present structure was built in 1914 to 1918. For a time during World War II, Danish and Estonian refugees were kept in Örenäs Castle. Today it is used as a hotel and conference centre and also offers a public restaurant.
•Södertuna Castle is situated on an island in Frösjön Lake (under Gnesta Municipality in south east Sweden). The building is regarded as having been in existence since the 14th century. Södertuna Castle has been used as a hotel since 1986. It is currently considered a luxury hotel with conference centre.

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